When Your Bookkeeping and Tax Systems Run Smoothly, Everything Works Better!

Working with Thompson & Wathen, you can expect a friendly, knowledgeable and experienced team that provides professional services to support your bookkeeping and tax needs. We offer a broad range of services to our clients, if you own a small business, we can help you by preparing your bookkeeping for the year. In addition to preparing a full schedule C, as well as preparing your personal income tax returns, we also set up an easy system that allows you to keep your books in tip-top shape all through the year.

Fixed Pricing!

At Thompson & Wathen, your financial needs are handled under one umbrella. Not only does our firm provide bookkeeping and tax services that fit any budget, but very few companies provide payroll, tax and bookkeeping services in one place. Most important, the majority of our fees are fixed-pricing, with the exception of "live bookkeeping." When it comes to "live" bookkeeping, we have to first determine the scope of services the client needs; however, be assured, we hide nothing from our clients as the majority of our fees are openly posted on our site. Basically, we focus on helping the individual or small business owner feel less anxious, so you always know what you are getting with no surprises. We also know the stress involved in filing prior year's tax returns, but we take all that worry away by making the process simple and painless.

Get Back on Track!

No job is too big or small for us to handle, plus we can customize our packages to suit your needs! Primarily, we can help you get a solid handle on the condition of your business, making it easier for you to grow!

Our Services Include:

  • Tax Preparation
  • Historical Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • New Business Formation
  • Quick Books Set-Up and Training

Each month, you will receive an Income Statement reflecting business operations showing all income and expenses during the period, and a balance sheet showing the balances on your bank accounts, credit card accounts, and all liabilities and equity during the period.