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Welcome to Thompson & Wathen Bookkeeping and Tax – We're Here to Help Simply Your Books!

If you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur that needs help with bookkeeping, taxes, or other financial services, the goal of Thompson & Wathen is to help you with the tools needed to operate your business in a simplified manner. Regardless of your situation, we take great pride in providing the personal and professional attention your bookkeeping and tax needs deserve!

We Do Everything to Make the Process Clear and Easy to Understand!

We know that bookkeeping can be very challenging and overwhelming for most business owners, which is why we handle all the bookkeeping details so that you can focus on the more important parts of your business. Whether you are concerned about payroll tax calculations or feel inundated with your current bookkeeping needs, we have the answers that will solve your financial issues. From being prepared for tax season to providing total financial services for individuals and small businesses, we make sure to remove any stress related to your bookkeeping and tax needs. In other words, we give our clients a worry-free experience.

We Tackle Business from a Different Angle!

To learn more, browse through our website to discover our extensive services and then give us a call at (972) 665-9866 to learn what makes us different. We are confident we can help you get started on the road to financial simplicity by making sure your bookkeeping and taxes are fully organized and always up-to-date!

As a bookkeeping and tax firm, we at Thompson & Wathen take great pride in providing a unique service to our clients that we believe stands apart from the crowd. Whether it involves an individual or small business, we combine our expertise to support our client's financial needs, making sure everything relative to bookkeeping and taxes runs smoothly. In fact, the quality of our work speaks for itself, for we are not satisfied unless you are fully satisfied.

With many years of combined experience in the bookkeeping and tax arena, we opened the doors to our own business in 2012 with our primary focus being on tax preparation and bookkeeping services. Due to our success, we have expanded our services to include remote bookkeeping services so that we have a wider reach for those that require our expertise. In addition to historical bookkeeping and tax preparation assistance, we also offer business formation and payroll processing, which includes filing quarterly forms 941 and Texas Unemployment. Going even further, we also offer 1099 and W-2 preparation, which takes into account preparing and filing an individual's 1040, Partnerships (1065) and Corporations including 1120 and 1120S returns.

As a dedicated team of experts, we thrive on providing the type of skills, service and advice that allows our clients to make informed financial decisions, which means we are constantly improving our technical expertise, financial knowledge and our client services. Placing our emphasis on helping small businesses; our ultimate goal is providing a bookkeeping and tax service that is simple and clear for our clients to understand. We want your business to be handled with ease and straightforwardness, which is why it's critically important that we bring simple solutions to all those complicated problems that may seem overwhelming. It doesn't matter if your company isgoing through a growth spurt or if you need an entirely new setup, for our job is to make your business better and more efficient. In other words, we incorporate a simpler bookkeeping approach that allows you to become more productive.

To learn more about our services, please visit our services page (link to services) or feel free to call us (972) 665-9866 and allow our high quality services to impact positively on your tax and bookkeeping situation.

Why Choose Us

Sometimes it's hard to know who to choose when the choices are so vast, yet we make the decision easy. At the top of our list is one goal and that goal is being committed to simplifying your business finances with a professional and pleasant attitude! When working with Thompson & Wathen, not only will we treat your business as if it is our own; we offer unique solutions designed specifically for your particular business.

As a growing company, we at Thompson & Wathen thrive on helping our clients move forward, which requires our taking every opportunity to incorporate the most efficient methods and technologies. Basically, our role is to help you maximize your efforts while minimizing any financial struggles.

As a way of keeping pace, we are very much in touch with a more efficient strategy that helps us embrace the changes that relentlessly occur in business. For that reason, we are constantly revisiting our processes so that we can help make you and your business more efficient and productive.

At the root of our business is our desire to help and empower our clients, as it is our goal to move our clients up to the next level. Whether it is helping them grow their business, filing their tax returns or simply keeping their books in perfect order, nothing brings us greater satisfaction than getting and keeping a system up and running seamlessly. Plain and simple, we want to help you with precise books and taxes that provide unparalleled accuracy all at a price you can afford.

If you're ready to work with the best, contact us today at (972) 665-9866 and let us help you with a no-obligation quote.